For a pet emergency please call VETSS:

Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service & Specialty

24 hours/7 days/all year

Due to the traveling nature of house call scheduling, For Paws can not provide emergency medical care.  We are not equipped to handle critical care situations and we could be anywhere in the county when you have an emergency.  Luckily, we have an excellent emergency room for pets in Charlottesville!  VETSS is located near the CHO airport.  For more information visit their website:   VETSS

For directions to VETSS, click here
Dagner Mobile Vet

Compassionate care, convenient for you

For Paws Housecalls provides mobile veterinary care in the comfort of your home. Your dogs and cats get high quality veterinary care and you get customized recommendations and personal attention. Save time, save gas, save aggravation... let us fight the traffic while you do what you need to do!

To schedule an appointment:
434-882-3630 or Email Us



For your house call, Dr. Dagner will arrive equipped with the supplies needed for your pet's appointment.  We make every effort to arrive on time and will call you if we have to be more than 10 minutes late.  Your appointment will involve:

  • questions about your pet's behavior, nutrition, activity and health concerns
  • evaluation of your dog or cat's actions in their home environment
  • complete physical examination, nose to toes
  • discussion of findings of examination
  • diagnostic testing, if needed
  • vaccinations and deworming
  • schedule for any follow up recommendations
  • heartworm, flea and tick medications
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We can provide any veterinary care that does not require anesthesia, surgery or x-rays.  We offer comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations for dogs (rabies, distemper, kennel cough, lyme) and cats (rabies, feline viruses, feline leukemia), heartworm testing, tick disease screens and other diagnostic laboratory testing, and products to protect your dogs and cats from heartworm, fleas and internal parasites.  When the time comes, we also offer end of life care. 

The costs for most services will be similar to a traditional veterinary practice. In addition to your specific services, there will be a house call fee to cover the costs of travel.  This fee is per visit, not per pet!  You can even split this fee with a neighbor if you schedule on the same day!

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Pet Library

Ever wonder who you can trust for accurate, quality information on veterinary medicine?  Where do you turn when your pet has been diagnosed with a certain illness or injury?  It's hard to know if what you read on the internet is worth the space it's taking up!  Fortunately, there's "Veterinary Partner".  This site is supported by a group of veterinary experts from across the country in the interest of providing pet owners with detailed information about common diseases and conditions in pets. The site is searchable and easy to use and Dr. Dagner trusts the information you will find there.